Feature Vendor – Dad’s Westcoast Awesome Sauces

Liz Newton | Dad’s Westcoast Awesome Sauces

Our company was born out of Dad’s decades long search for a hot sauce that’s as tasty as it’s hot.

For years, one shelf of my fridge had been full of bottles of hot sauce Dad played alchemist with – I finally had enough and made him THE hot sauce of his dreams. It was so good, friends urged us to start selling it. That was in early 2010. We decided to call the sauce Dad’s Westcoast Wildfire Awesome Sauce and the rest is history.

The ‘Awesome Sauce’ part of the name was our teenage daughter’s suggestion and we ageing parents didn’t know those two words mean more than the sum of their parts. I’m still thankful our Wildfire Awesome Sauce lives up to its name.

By August 2010, the end of our first summer of markets, I had created a mild version, Rainforest, in response to customer requests. Five years on, we have a line of five different heat levels of hot sauce, from mild to xxhot and they’re all flavourful, even the xxhot if you can get beyond the heat.awesome_five

We’ve also created four equally ‘awesome sauce’ spice mixes: a mildish and a very hot Meat Rub, as well as our curry-ish East Indian Spices and the highly aromatic West Indies Spices.

Our latest product is an out-of-this-world Mango Chutney.

Our products are made by hand in small batches and we’ve done our best to eliminate most potential allergens. They are low in salt, low in sugar, and good for all diets, carnivorous, vegetarian or vegan. Just check the recipe section on our website to see how versatile our sauces and spice mixes are.

Lastly, we decided to stay away from the current trend to give scatological names to hot sauces and, because we have a couple of cats, we chose cartoon kitties for our image. If you like cats, you can find images of our Max and Lola on our website and our Facebook page. We’ve also launched a Youtube channel where we show you how to use our products to make your next meal into a culinary adventure.

See you in Kelowna!